Essentially (ALL) Y’alls Mama

Alison $ Elsie,  gotta wear shades!!

Mama Bear and her Cub.

Hey Y’all!

My name is Alison LeMaster Langridge  (ALL), and I’ve recently discovered essential oils.  I know, I know, bless my heart, right?  As a gal who grew up in the South loving all that is beauty and makeup (ok, a 110% beauty junkie), I never saw myself caring about holistic healing– it just wasn’t me.  I’m not a converted hippie or even half of one, though my husband loves to tease me… so what has changed?  I’m glad you asked.

Some fifteen months ago on a perfect snowy Canadian December night my beautiful daughter, Eloise ‘Elsie’ was born and I became a mama (bear). I was surprised by just how overprotective and fearful of a mama I was– it wasn’t pretty.  I was worried about everything.  Some things absolutely normal, others…not so much.  Because of this fear I have become slightly obsessed with the au naturel way of living…mainly because it seems that all of these ‘man made’ things, from cosmetics to toothpaste to drugs, have all kinds of how-the-hell-do-you-pronounce-it, and what-the-hell-does-it-do-to-you ingredients in them. For example, what exactly is BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene)? I cringe to think! I am no chicken little, and the sky isn’t always falling, but I will say that I have seen too many kids diagnosed with some type of “acronym-ed” behavior problem, or a cancer that there is no explaining as to how or why they have it (and it breaks my heart every time).

Bottom line.  I think there’s too much ‘gunk’ in our food, over the counter drugs and everyday products. Did you happen to read the article on Tylenol putting metal in our babies’ pain relievers?  Check that scary read here.  Yuck, right?  So I’ve started a mama movement loud and proud for my family, from changing up my skin care line to a more natural one (I’m in my baby’s face all day long) to buying organically and exercising as much as possible…to my greatest find to date, dōTERRA essential oils. They’re 100% safe and effective for people of all ages.  Just a drop can calm an anxious mood, raging headache or ease a colicky baby.  They’ve even been known to help with serious illnesses like cancer, check it out here (but no doctor am I). I love that I can give Elsie something that has no ill side effects, or is going to slowly eat away at her adorably round tummy that would make Buddha jealous.  So you see, I’m OK with being the crazy essential oil mama chasing my child and husband around the house with these oils.  Ensuring they’re healthy and happy, and not taking in anything unnecessary makes me calmer- less fear more fun!  Isn’t that worth it’s weight in Frankincense?

Essentially Y’alls,

Alisonunnamed & Elsie

#dōTERRA #healthy #mamabear #essentialoils


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